Today I woke up hungry and tired, my sister came running into my room in a pink dress. I came out of my room hoping that my family would be quiet but of course the were NOT. My little sister was screaming at my mom and my dad was blabbering on about Cars and revolving […]


Hi my name is Jacobi but you can call me Cobi I am going to tell you a story about something crazy that happened to me. I was going to my best friend Carys’s birthday party, it was in a escape room. We were in a pirate escape room. Nadia, Jackson, Carys, and me were […]


  One day I was walking in the woods and I looked down and saw a leaf with two toy figures and a snail. I picked up the snail and examined it. It had a very interesting shell. I set it down and picked up one of the figures it was a little construction worker. […]

100WC #25

     One day a 12-year-old girl named Luisa Madrigal went to a carnival with her seven year old sister. She saw a game that immediately mesmerized her. It was as if it screamed “I am yours”. It said in clear bold letters TEST YOUR STRENGTH! She grasped the mallet in her hands. She swung. […]


There was a girl named Claire, she was playing with her friends when she asked all of them if they wanted to go for a walk in the woods. Without a thought they all agreed. Claire’s friend Nadia, had a bad feeling about it so she told her friend Carys that they needed to get […]

Week 23

There was this boy named Alex and he was looking at his piano longingly, he wanted to learn how to play a piano like a white octopus. He saw how the octopus at the aquarium and how gentle he was on the piano. He was watching the octopus then he suddenly sprung up and ran […]

Week 19

There once a boy named Ben he was going to his friend’s birthday party. His friend’s mom was giving out a prize of gold statues. The winner is, his mom yelled. Suddenly the lights in the trampoline park went out everyone screamed but Ben. He felt breathing on his neck then he heard a crashing […]

Week 18

Yesterday I was walking in the park and I looked down and I saw a key, I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. Over the next few days I tried to put it in any keyhole I saw I tried the church I tried houses nothing worked. I stopped trying after a few […]

Week 17

There once was a boy on a hike he passed by a waterfall it was yellow he thought it was weird but he didn’t think of it, but little did he know this heavily was the worst thing that could happen to him. After he was done with his hike he couldn’t find his car […]

Week 16

There was a boy named Alex and he was traveling to Alaska. He had been there the year before so he knew what to expect, ice, snow and mountains. It was a four hour long flight but it felt like days. He was very bored sense his mom wouldn’t let him play with his toy […]